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My Go To Interview Outfit

First Impressions: The Midnight Murder Series: The Experiment

I recently read the first few pages of the book, The Midnight Murder Series: The Experiment.  The book is written by someone who goes by Beyond13 Reaper.  Here is her summary of the first book in her series: “The King... Continue Reading →


Otherworldy – An Atmospheric Original Song This is a song I wrote with an ex-boyfriend of mine.  I hope you enjoy it! Find me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Instagram: @meaganmakeover Check out my lifestyle blog!

The Amateur Poet’s Downfall

I, too, was an amateur poet once. Oh wait...I still am. But I can still say with certainty that I know a heck of a lot more about writing poems than I did when I was 14.  And with confidence... Continue Reading →

We Did It

Trevor held the small, silver key in his large, bear-like hands.  We stood in front of apartment A12 and he smiled at me as he unlocked our apartment for the very first time.  We entered the living room, the whole... Continue Reading →

A Stranger in the Diner

He hadn’t seen the old man since that cold Monday evening ten years ago.  The man looked the same with his sagging wrinkles around his mouth and eyes—a map to his years.  It was apparent he wasn’t as muscular as... Continue Reading →

Punk Meets Chic

The Graves We Remember

Ruth’s gravestone was decorated with a glass of merlot red wine and calla lilies.  On top of her grave was a simple turkey sandwich and assorted fruit on a paper plate.  Frank missed her cooking. The smell of savory chicken breasts baking in... Continue Reading →

Home of Lost Imagination

I am fading. The flashes of our memories play across my vision like home-made movies.  Her laughter rings in my ears like constant bells reminding me of what is gone and the picture of her crooked, marvelous smile plasters itself... Continue Reading →

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