The Experiment - First Impressions

I recently read the first few pages of the book, The Midnight Murder Series: The Experiment.  The book is written by someone who goes by Beyond13 Reaper.  Here is her summary of the first book in her series:

“The King of Netherworld, Thanatos, just wanted to see if the experiment of hunters and creatures can work together as a team due to a lot of bloodshed in the past. He never expected Purgatory would do that for him. Join Adan, Rufus, Beyond, and others as they battle the fiends from Purgatory and their personal demons.”

I was interested in the novel immediately by its enticing, first two paragraphs.  They were vague, but hinted at something extraordinary–a secret you’d want to keep reading to discover.  This is especially important for any story.  A good book with an uninteresting first page will never be discovered simply because no one will bother to read it.  The vague secret of this family continued to play with my imagination and need to satiate my questions as the father and his three sons set off to go monster hunting.  This particular occasion: a wendigo.  

I was impressed with the light humor utilized and sprinkled sporadically throughout its opening pages.  I feared that a book about purgatory and monster hunting would end up taking itself too seriously so I was relieved to find out it hasn’t so far.

I believe this novel was self published as there were occasional grammatical errors, but nothing too overbearing or distracting.  I did feel some slight confusion about word choice here and there as well as some confusion over the dialogue between the three sons.  

However, my first impressions of this novel are positive ones as it appears to be a gripping narrative despite my simple criticisms.  There seems to be a lot of soul within it, tons of room for character development, and a plot to satiate adventure readers, particularly those who enjoy Percy Jackson and the Olympians-esque novels.  I definitely would recommend this book to others.

If you’d like to purchase a copy, you can buy it here for $5.  If you enjoyed the novel or want to see where the author goes with her series, like her Facebook page, Beyond13 Reaper.  You can also follow her on Twitter: @Beyond_Rutledge

I’m all for supporting indie authors and I can tell she put a ton of work into this novel/series so please do go check out her pages!

If you’d like for me to read one of your works you can use the Contact Form to email me an inquiry for it and I’ll get back to you ASAP.  I do ask that if you’re requesting a review of your book to either send me a link or code to a free online copy of it.  Otherwise, I can do a first impressions post like this one. 

I will never post a negative review on my site as I believe that is unfair to the author.  I will, however, send you my critiques and ideas for improvement for your benefit.  

If you do not want me to post a review at all, I am more than happy to do a private review for you as well!

I hope you enjoyed this First Impressions post and I’ll see you guys later!


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