The first story I ever wrote on my own free will was entitled, “Where is the Bee?” (I’ll give you one free guess at what the story was about) at the ripe old age of six.

Writing is in my blood.  I grew up reading and found a passion for writing that many children never obtain.  “Where is the Bee,” snowballed into many other stories as I dabbled with different genres, styles, and forms as I aged into the woman I am now.  This passion fuels me to this day, and now here I am: a virgin blogger.

But enough of the sappy stuff. It’s nice to meet you; my name is Meagan.  (Or Megs if you wanna be my friend).  I am a fan of wit with the slightest hint of sarcasm and dollop of morbid humor.  Some days I want to be a girly girl and other days I’m planning out trips to go shark cage diving with my boyfriend.  (Okay that won’t happen for a while, but traveling certainly is a passion of mine and I’m never too tired for an adventure).

I consider myself an unprofessional beautician and will probably fail in my beauty exploits more often than I succeed at them.  (Don’t worry, you can laugh at me; I promise I’ll be laughing long before you do.)  Because let’s face it; there’s enough professional makeup artists out there to make us feel insecure about our mediocre makeup skills.  That said, my face is here for experimentation if you have a product you want to see tested out.  Call me Ms. Guinea Pig.

I mentioned my boyfriend earlier; his name is Adam and you’ll probably hear me talk about him frequently.  I like to tell people we’re engaged to be engaged because while we want to get married, we’re currently long distance (ugh), but hopefully only for a few more months.

I love music and play piano and sing.  I do write my own music and back in my high school days I dreamed about being the next Amy Lee, but those dreams have long passed.  Now I record recreational music for myself in my small, personal recording studio at home.

I graduated college with a degree in English and a concentration in creative writing.  Wanna debate about literature?  Hit me up; I can rant about all kinds of literature all day long.

Some fun facts about me: 1. I can wiggle my nose and my ears.  2. I act like a wine connoisseur because it makes me feel classy even though I know jack shit about wine.  3. I am biracial.  I’m half Hispanic (Mexican) and half white (Irish and Scandinavian), but I get asked way too often if I’m Middle Eastern.  Who knew the right mix of Mexican/Irish/Scandinavian = Middle Eastern?

See you later!

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