Meagan Makeover

Marvelous. Mischievous. Meagan.


Short Stories

A Stranger in the Diner

He hadn’t seen the old man since that cold Monday evening ten years ago.  The man looked the same with his sagging wrinkles around his mouth and eyes—a map to his years.  It was apparent he wasn’t as muscular as... Continue Reading →


The Graves We Remember

Ruth’s gravestone was decorated with a glass of merlot red wine and calla lilies.  On top of her grave was a simple turkey sandwich and assorted fruit on a paper plate.  Frank missed her cooking. The smell of savory chicken breasts baking in... Continue Reading →

Home of Lost Imagination

I am fading. The flashes of our memories play across my vision like home-made movies.  Her laughter rings in my ears like constant bells reminding me of what is gone and the picture of her crooked, marvelous smile plasters itself... Continue Reading →


David Emerson stepped onto his small farm to do his daily morning chores, heading towards the chicken coop.  Feathers were scattered across the coop erratically.  Lying in the corner was one of David’s chickens, bald in places with random chunks... Continue Reading →

The Mirror Lied

Awarded a Daily Deviation on the website Deumos stood on the threshold of the woman’s home. Deumos didn’t care who this lady was or the fact that she was married and had three children. The only fact important to her was... Continue Reading →

The Bus Stop

Frank is sitting in a blue sofa chair in a small room.  A door in front of him is open and every now and then someone walks past it.  An unmade, twin bed sits along the wall to the right... Continue Reading →

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