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Ataraxia – “The Juvenile”

This is part 3 of 3 of my Dream Induction series.  Read part 1, "Arcana," and part 2, "Apricity," for the full experience. Windows. Endless windows intoxicate my bedroom. Overlapping— they depict the scenes my dreams convey. Eyes open— Aware—... Continue Reading →


Apricity – “The Depressed”

This is part 2 of 3 of my Dream Induction series.  Read part 1, "Arcana," and part 3, "Ataraxia," for the full experience. The blankets engulf her, wrapping around her fragile self— Her temperature dropping (seemingly) without warning. Her skin—... Continue Reading →

Arcana – “The Escapist”

This is part 1 of 3 of my Dream Induction series.  Read part 2, "Apricity," and part 3, "Ataraxia," for the full experience. She reaches into the sky’s abyss her fingers tracing the grains spotted across the Milky Way— an... Continue Reading →

While You’re Missing

I take pictures of myself against the backdrop of the city in which we met. I find comfort in its stillness and the phosphorescent sky mumbling radiance. Your phantom exists somewhere in the background of my pictures while I stand... Continue Reading →

I Came as an Echo

I came as an echo. My sound, often tenuous, sometimes tepid, festers in the hollow of my aching throat: a vessel for uncommitted actions. I travel, ricocheting along thick foliage, stone walls, and mountaintops, eagerly searching for a comfortable grave... Continue Reading →

The Birth of Titanium

Dawn breaks through the cracks in my porcelain skin. I have awakened outside of the windowless walls that contain Your Abuse, tightly packed away in this box home, on the sides, a stamped FRAGILE. Is that what I am now?... Continue Reading →


If, for a moment, you could graciously permit me to step outside of these dreaded bones, tendons, and spongy flesh, perhaps my organs will then be splattered across the concrete in a way that will make you see me for... Continue Reading →

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