This is part 1 of 3 of my Dream Induction series.  Read part 2, “Apricity,” and part 3, “Ataraxia,” for the full experience.

She reaches into the sky’s abyss
her fingers tracing the grains spotted across the Milky Way—
an exotic animal she imagines
as her fingers—
long, slim—
delicately caress the stomach of this infinite beast.

It embraces her.

her hands clasp against her chest.
Her heart races with the animal
in fields they create—
a Union—
She swims in this sea of flowers and grass;
her dress collecting dust
like honeybees collect pollen.

But the animal must return to dance across the sky,
for he cannot stay where time exists;
its consumption is poison.
His exotic colors wave goodbye
as she

Her home—
A Suppression—
The Weight of a heartbeat is burdening.
But so is Death.


she sleeps.